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Experiment of Living Newsletter

So many wonderful things happening in the universe and micro-verse. Read about it in the Experiment of Living Newsletter. Send me quotes you love, news you want to share and info on your fave non-profit orgs so I can share that with over 2,000 subscribers.

Yoga Writing

I occasionally write for Yoga Chicago Magazine where I interview master teachers, review yoga workshops and write about topics that are fun and meaningful to me, You can find a list of what I’ve written for Yoga Chicago Magazine here. I’ve also written for Elephant Journal.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra means yoga sleep. Usually practiced lying on the back, yoga nidra is a deeply healing, restorative practice leading towards refined self-awareness. Learn more about yoga nidra and practice with me online.

Yoga Videos

Practice yoga with me online at Click here to see a library of videos of me teaching practices like restorative, and vigorous and more.

Yoga Talks

I can talk about yoga all day and I do on Click here to see a library of videos of me talking about Yoga and Social Media, Finding Your Voice as a Teacher and more. I’m interviewed on Share Your Practice as a Yoga Service teacher.

Yoga Photos

I’m so fortunate to have had my photo taken by amazing photographers. Check out their photos here.