Oct 6+, 2018  

Embodied Yoga Retreat 

info below! 

Yoga Teaching Schedule
In Chicago, I teach a 30 minute Yoga Nidra class at Nature Yoga studio in Wicker Park from 5-5:30pm on Wednesdays. 2021 W. Division Street.

I also teach Restorative Yoga Nidra workshops monthly at yogaview. The next classes in 2018 are Sep 7, Oct 26, Nov 26 from 6:30-7:30PM. 

These classes are deeply relaxing and nurturing, returning you to the real you.. I benefit greatly from teaching them and I hope you will, too.

What I Teach

I teach tantra yoga that includes daoist approaches to deep mind, body, and energy/spiritual integration.

Tantra yoga is an eclectic style that weaves together asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation and other energy work. The Tantric style tends to place more of an emphasis on the energetic effects of the practice through the control of prana (life force energy). Physically, Tantric yoga classes integrate dynamic asana, static classical postures, and flowing vinyasa sequences together. Energetically, classes explore bandhas, marma points, meridians, mudras, extended breath work, and more for a truly integrative experience that leaves you feeling vibrant from the inside out.

Yoga nidra, or guided relaxation, is also a Tantric practice that I’m passionate about teaching. Read more about yoga nidra here.

2018-19 Yoga Workshops and Teacher Trainings

I love teaching workshops and teacher trainings because they allow me to go deeper into topics that I’m passionate about. Descriptions are below.

  • ​January 6: Sankalpa: New Year Resolutions the Yogic Way at yogaview
  • March 24-25: Learn to Teach Guided Relaxation: The Art of Yoga Nidra at yogaview
  •  September 15, 22, 29: Learn to Teach Guided Relaxation: The Art of Yoga Nidra at Nature Yoga WP
  • October 6+: Embodied Yoga Retreat with Yoli Maya Yeh (See below!)
  • January 13, 2019: Sankalpa: New Year Resolutions the Yogic Way at yogaview

Learn to Teach Guided Relaxation:

The Art of Yoga Nidra

Saturdays, September 15, 22, 29
Nature Yoga Wicker Park
2-7:30pm. See
here for more info.

Learn to safely and confidently teach guided relaxation, yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is Sanskrit for “yogic sleep”, a powerful healing and transformational technique from the Tantra Yoga tradition. Yoga nidra is both the name of a state of mind and the name of a deeply restful practice. It is safe for all practitioners and is used to relieve symptoms of PTSD in clinical studies. Yoga nidra can be taught as a stand alone practice or as part of a complete yoga practice. Bring this powerful technique to your students to offer a deeper yoga experience. Teaching, counseling, healing, or working therapeutically with clients is strongly suggested to take this workshop. Expect to practice different styles of yoga nidra from the Himalayan tradition as well as the style popularized by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. There is a slideshow lecture explaining the history of yoga nidra, its intention, an explanation of how it works, its physical and subtle body effects, and the different components of a yoga nidra practice, including sankalpa. You will receive scripts and practice teaching in this nurturing, safe environment. Delve deeply into yoga nidra through the refinement of teaching techniques and methodology.

Practice yoga nidra with Mia here.

Continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance are available. You must commit to the full weekend, single day attendance is not permitted. Required reading is “Yoga Nidra” by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, please bring your book. There is minimal movement in this workshop. There will be a lunch break each day.

$200 until September 1
$225 after September 1

Get In Touch!

Embodied Transformation Yoga Retreat with Yoli Maya Yeh and Mia Park

Join Mia Park and Yoli Maya Yeh for a one day+ yoga experience at Purple and Bumble Farm in Monee, IL on October 6, 2018 with an option to stay until October 7th. Expect a unique line-up of events including physical yoga practices, yoga nidra, guided meditation, walking meditation, yoga movie night, kirtan, fire ceremony, journaling and other practices of self-inquiry and self-discovery. The retreat includes a farm to table lunch and happens inside the barn and outdoors on the farm, rain or shine. 

The yoga retreat is from 10am-6pm on October 6th. You may choose to stay until nightfall and participate in a Fire Ceremony and kirtan at no additional cost. You are also welcome to bring a tent and camp on the farm at no additional cost; there are no other lodging options on the farm. You have the option of purchasing a farm to table dinner and/or breakfast the next day, or bring your own. 

 KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Purple and Bumble is an independently owned modern, rustic farm. The newly constructed 1200 square foot barn has electricity. There is a compost toilet outhouse and a portable toilet. Bring your own yoga mat and props, and a chair if you need one. Bring your own drinking water and something to drink from. Hot water will be provided; bring your own tea, instant coffee, beverage mix, mug. There is an outdoor hot water shower. Purple and Bumble Farm is located 35 miles south of downtown Chicago at 27714 S Kedzie Ave in Monee, IL. Car pooling is strongly encouraged!

The cost is $108, Register here. The amazing menu is also below. Our food is medicinal and truly farm-to-table, provided by doctor of Chinese medicine, Angela Assad:

Lecture by Yoli on the grief of Autumn and the power of transformation
Asana practice led by Mia
Yoga Nidra led by Yoli
Journaling exercises led by Mia

Lunch, provided:
~Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves OR lamb stuffed grape leaves
~16 oz Quinoa tabbouleh OR kale salad with polenta croutons
~8oz Butternut squash bisque
~Sumac-dusted popcorn (paper bag)
~1 Annie Oatley cookie
~Hibiscus soda, ginger ale, kombucha, or beet kvass

Walking meditation led by Mia and Yoli
Slideshow lecture on sankalpa, the power of intention by Mia
Yoga nidra led by Mia
Gentle asana led by Yoli
Journaling led by Mia
Closing circle
End at 6pm

Evening Options
Dinner, purchase there or bring your own. Dinner menu a la carte::
~Ceviche $5
~Elote (Mexican street corn) $3
~Fresh-fried chips w/mango guacamole $5
~One taco $4 – lentil w/carrot jicama slaw; roasted beet and lime cauliflower w/cilantro coleslaw; steak and kimchi
~Three tacos $10
~Beans and rice $3
~Salsa flight $3 – sweet fresh herb; fire-roasted; grilled peach

Kirtan led by Yoli
Fire Ceremony led by Yoli
End by 9pm

Late night options
Yoga movie night outdoors or in the barn. Movie TBA!
Camp on your own, no other lodging available

Breakfast, purchase there or bring your own. Breakfast menu a la carte:
~Soil & Salt goji berry-black sesame muesli $5 – raw cow or almond milk
~Mini mango lassi – $3
~Bottomless Coffe/tea/ kvass bar $5
~Cup-o-joe $2
~Tea time single cup $2
~Timberfeast Farmer’s breakfast $9 – 2 fried eggs, bacon, mayo and kraut.

Depart by 12 noon.